Choose your faction.
Choose your heroes.
Lead your troops to victory!

On an alternate Earth where people have superpowers and the fastest mode of transportation is a steam powered dirigible, two rival empires battle for their nations' honor. Will you side with the fierce Queen's Army of Britannia? Or the colossal Industrial Union of Prussia? Command Britannia's army of beast masters and their loyal followers, or organize an assault using the mechanical wonders of the Prussians to defeat the opposition's heroes and win the day!

Assemble your command team of heroes to fight your opponent’s forces. Your government has sent you limited supplies and reinforcements with which to defeat your enemies. Attach helpful equipment to make your team stronger, sabotage your enemies with well-timed events, and use the aid of reinforcements to back your heroes when they are wounded. But beware. Rogue super soldiers and pirates are waiting in ambush, and they will attack whoever looks strongest. If all of your heroes fall, the battle is lost, and your opponent wins the game.

Battle Decks: Trials of Blood and Steel is a tabletop card game for two players, and takes approximately 60-90 minutes per game.

Also, we want to give a special shout-out to everyone who helped us play-test the game. In no particular order: Andrew Burnor, Jessica Burnor, Syerra Burnor, Dylan Headley, Rob Burson, Katie, Zack, Kell, Murrell Smith, and S.C. Grey. These guys helped us make the game what it is today, and we really appreciate them taking the time to try out the game and give us feedback. Thanks! :-D