By: Infinitas Publishing | June 21, 2015

Impromptu photo shoot… check.

Last minute cosplay… check.

Hours of digital manipulation… check.

Blog post to commemorate it all… check.


Today we launch our site for Infinitas Publishing, and it’s been a good day to do so. What started out as simply setting up this blog turned into a quest to create banners, organize pages, and complete last minute polishing.


To start with, we created the banners. Starting with the banner for our upcoming table-top card game, Battle Decks, we soon realized that despite having a slew of our own stock images, we didn’t have the images we needed. To rectify this issue, we decided to take more images. Using a few proof cards we already had printed, a cannon-shaped pencil sharpener, and a pewter dragon statuette, I constructed the layout for the image that we used for the Battle Decks: Multiverse 1953 banner. But after a few lighting issues, I broke down and set up the studio lights, then pulled out the DSLR.

(Studio set-up for Battle Decks banner)

But our adventure didn’t end there. A few banners later, we realized we didn’t have an image for The Wishing Blade series page. So what did we do? We raided our costume closet (yes, we have one) and Stephanie pulled off the first cosplay of Shevanlagiy before the publishing of Magic’s Stealing. A few photos later (that is, 290 images later) and some very cooperative wind, we had the images we needed.

(So the wind wasn't always in our favor...)

Back inside, Stephanie worked her magic, blending images, touching up blotches, and tinkering with the website, all while I sat there and watched, every once in while giving feedback. I’d like to say we have a finished product, but like every creative work it will never be truly done.

We hope you enjoy visiting our site. We look forward to bringing you quality entertainment in the near future. If you have any feedback on our website or any of our works please let us know through the contact page. We’d be happy to hear it.

(Stephanie at work)

Thanks for visiting,

Isaac Flint


Stephanie Flint

Posted on : July 08, 2015

Thanks! :-)

Scott Umphrey

Posted on : July 08, 2015

Very exciting! Looking forward to stories. S-

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