By: Infinitas Publishing | September 17, 2015

Magic's Stealing, a young adult fantasy novella by Stephanie Flint, is now available!

By: Infinitas Publishing | September 10, 2015

Magic's Stealing Cover

For centuries, ribbons of magic have provided the kingdom of Cirena with light, healing, and protection. Then, in a span of minutes, those ribbons fly from their masters, stolen, save for the magic of a few chosen mages. One of these mages is Toranih, a young noblewoman who would rather have a sword in her hand than use her powers to heal or throw fireballs. As a result, her magic skills are lacking. But with former mages dying from magic withdrawal, and the looming threat of an army of shadows who are impervious to mortal weapons, she must either embrace the responsibilities of a mage or watch her home perish. 

This is a 34,000-word novella, book one of The Wishing Blade series.