Board Game Edition

Throughout ancient history, the phalanx was one of the most formidable troop formations, famously used in war by the ancient Greeks. In this formation, soldiers interlocked their shields, forming an impenetrable barrier while thrusting long spears at their enemies.

In the game Phalanx, use movement cards to advance your troops, land on your opponent’s pieces to remove them from the game, and get four or more of your own pieces in a row to form your own formidable phalanx, which is immune to frontal assaults.

But be cautious—your opponent can still attack your flanks, or even attack from behind and break your phalanx.

Board Game Edition

Phalanx is the game that captures the strategic play of chess, the piece-turning excitement of Tetris, and the luck of the draw. With these elements, move your pieces and form your own formidable phalanx to capture your opponent’s city-state!

Note: There are three versions of Phalanx: the board game version (Online orders only), the wooden board (available locally) and the bag version (available locally). The board game also comes with a standard checker board on the back of the Phalanx board.

Wooden Board Edition