The Gryphon and the Mountain Bear - Book Cover

Fooling a gryphon? Not her ideal day of treasure hunting...

After a hunter cheats Nuaka in a game of cards, she’s ready for payback. A few shapeshifting ribbons later, she sneaks into his room and steals a promising set of directions to the local ruins—and treasure horde.

If she gets the treasure before he does, she’ll be rich, and that cheater will learn his lesson:

Don’t mess with the shapeshifter.

At first, everything goes smoothly.

And then she runs into the gryphon.

Can she use her wit and her magic to make it out of the ruins alive... and with her treasure?

Journey through the dangers of Cirena’s ancient forests in this exciting short story... read "The Gryphon and the Mountain Bear" today!

"The Gryphon and the Mountain Bear"  is a 12,000-word short story, set a couple hundred years before the events of The Wishing Blade series. Each story in the Legends of Cirena series stands alone, unless otherwise stated.