The Multiverse Chronicles

The Multiverse Chronicles is a pseudo-steampunk fantasy blog series created with the intent to be released online for free as each episode is completed. Each chapter/episode consists of a section that follows the main plot, along with a “Meanwhile” section that details what’s happening in the background. The characters and events of this story reflect the characters and events of the tabletop card game, Battle Decks.


Season 1

Trials of Blood and Steel

Prodigy beastmaster, Trish Ivers, lands in trouble when her pride gets one of the Dragon Queen’s pterosaurs killed. However, she gets a second chance when a run-in with a rogue pterosaur forms a special familiar bond between them.

In the meantime, the engagement of Prince Alfons from the Industrial Union of Prussia to Princess Cassandra of Britannia promises to ally the rival nations. But a sinister plot is brewing that threatens to destroy the burgeoning peace and throw Trish in the middle of an all-out war between the beast-commanding armies of Britannia and the mechanically-inclined Prussians.